Meghann Foster is an educator, small business owner, and mother of five children. She's an active parent at her kids' schools — Coralville Central and West High — and a contributor to the Iowa City Moms Blog. For the past 16 years, she and her husband Nick Westergaard have made their home in Coralville and know firsthand how great the community is for families. 

Meghann teaches strategic communication and social media marketing at the University of Iowa. As a digital strategist, she's worked with many area businesses and nonprofits to help them tell their stories online. She is also a current member of the city's planning and zoning committee. Meghann sits on the board of directors of the Coralville Food Pantry and advises the Johnson County Affordable Homes Coalition. 

Meghann holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree from Washington State University. She has led and volunteered on several local political campaigns and social movements.

She is excited to add her progressive voice to the Coralville City Council to build on the community's strong foundation. Learn more about Meghann and her stance on key issues by reading her interview in The Gazette.

There’s a lot to be excited about in Coralville, and there’s also more we can do, especially in the areas of community development and affordable housing. It’s wonderful that our community is growing, but we need to make sure that growth is inclusive and benefits the entire community. I look forward to helping Coralville continue to grow and thrive.”

Meghann Foster for Coralville Campaign Committee

Lynette Jacoby & Nick Westergaard, Co-Chairs

Chris Bonfig, Treasurer

Christy Bonfig

Tara Dutcher

Bob Dvorsky

Sue Dvorsky

Dave Jacoby