Letter to the Editor Spotlight: Dave & Lynette Jacoby

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I'm honored to have Lynette Jacoby as a co-chair of my campaign. The Jacobys are longtime friends, dating back to when our kids attended Coralville Central together. They're also hosting a Meet & Greet on October 22nd. Thank you, Lynette and Dave! ~ Meghann

Meghann Foster is seeking election to the open Coralville City Council seat.  We think you will be hard-pressed to find a more qualified and enthusiastic candidate.  It’s impossible to highlight all of Meghann’s outstanding credentials in this endorsement so we’ll highlight a few.

Meghann and her husband, Nick, established their roots in Coralville 16 years ago.  She has been an active and engaged member of our community, serving on the Coralville Planning and Zoning Committee, the Coralville Food Pantry Board of Directors, and volunteering at her children’s schools (Coralville Central, Northwest Jr. High, and West High).

Meghann is a mom, a small business owner and an educator of strategic communication and social media marketing at the University of Iowa.  She is intelligent and hardworking.  Meghann is committed to innovative solutions and opportunities for increasing affordable housing, enhancing social services and community and economic development in a fiscally responsible manner.

Meghann’s ability to listen and connect with others will serve Coralville well.  She is a relationship builder and visionary leader.  She loves Coralville and is committed to working hard to ensure that the entire community benefits from the high quality of life we have come to expect.

We trust Meghann to keep Coralville moving in the right direction as a wonderful, thriving and vibrant community where all residents have an opportunity to live, learn, work, play, and retire.  Please join us in voting for Meghann Foster on November 7th.

Representative Dave and Lynette Jacoby