Meghann Foster Receives Gazette Endorsement


I am honored to have earned The Gazette's endorsement for Coralville City Council. As I said in my interview, I want to make sure that families are able to come to Coralville and grow and thrive they our family has been able to. Here's a highlight from The Gazette endorsement:

“Our endorsements reflect Coralville’s need for a strong understanding of its past, when growth and development proceeded largely unfettered and chaotic, and fresh eyes for new challenges that threaten neighborhood vitality and workforce development. We believe
election of Gill, Foster and Riley provides this balance.”

I also submitted the following essay on why I'm running for Coralville City Council, which originally appeared in The Gazette on October 29, 2017:

I am running for the Coralville City Council because I love my community. I have lived in Coralville for 16 years, and I’m grateful to be raising my five children in such a vibrant and caring place. When my husband and I came to Coralville, we were able to grow our family and put down roots in this community. I want to make sure that other families are able thrive in Coralville the way my family has been able to.

My hope is that if I’m elected, I can build on our community’s strong foundation and continue to make Coralville a warm and welcoming community for all who live here.

My commitment to Coralville is reflected in my work in the community. I serve on the board of directors of the Coralville Food Pantry and am a frequent volunteer at pantry events. I also serve on the pantry’s communications and fundraising committees. I’ve served as an adviser to the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition, and was one of the founding members of the Coralville Affordable Housing Committee. I am an active volunteer with the PTO at Coralville Central Elementary and have been a contributing writer for the Iowa City Moms Blog for four years. I’m also a member of the City of Coralville’s Planning and Zoning commission.

Coralville is truly a special place. I’m proud of our community and grateful to call it home. I hope to continue to serve my community on the Coralville City Council.

You can also learn more about my campaign and my stance on various issues from my answers to the Gazette Q&A.