League of Women Voters Q&A with Meghann Foster

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The answers below were submitted by Meghann Foster in response to the League of Women Voters candidate questionnaire. All statements are posted directly by the candidate, unedited by the League of Women Voters and do not express the views of the League. The League never supports or opposes candidates or political parties. The League is hosting a Coralville City Council candidate forum on Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM at the Coralville Public Library.

Candidate: Meghann Foster

Mailing Address:
2172 N Oak CT
Coralville, IA 52241

Campaign Phone: (319) 325-0920

Website: http://www.meghannforcoralville.com/

Email: meghannforcoralville@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meghannforcoralville/

Age: 42

Current Occupation/Work Experience: University of Iowa educator, digital strategist

Community Involvement: Coralville Planning and Zoning Commission, Coralville Food Pantry Board of Directors, Coralville Central PTO volunteer, Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition Advisor, Iowa City Moms Blog Writer

Education: BA from University of Iowa, MA from Washington State University


If (re-) elected, what characteristic, or talent, or plan will you bring to the City Council to help with collaboration, communication, and meeting the needs of your constituents?

One of my strengths is that I have experience working with a variety of organization types, such as businesses, non-profits, and other community entities through my years of volunteer work in Coralville. As such, I’ve gained a well-rounded view of the strengths and issues facing Coralville, and have developed insight as to how we can build on our success and rise to meet our challenges. This experience, combined with my professional and educational background in communication studies will be an asset to both the council and my constituents.

What is the biggest challenge facing the community and how will you address it?

Generating sustainable economic growth is an issue I would like to address. Economic development involves more than just creating and attracting revenue for an area. It’s a complex ecosystem that encompasses many things. As such, we need to make sure that our economic development plans benefit the entire community. Jobs that pay a living wage, affordable housing, and community development impact are all things that need to be considered. My focus will be on attracting growing industries that bring high-paying jobs to the area. I also want to make sure that the businesses we attract treat their employees equitably as well. These are the foundational pieces of a strong economy, which in turn leads to a strong community.

Why are you running?

I am running for the City Council because I love Coralville and serving the community has always been important to me. I’ve lived in Coralville for 16 years and am grateful to be raising my five children in such a vibrant and caring place. When my husband and I first moved to Coralville, we were able to grow our family and put down roots in this community. I want to make sure that other families are able to move to Coralville and grow and thrive the way my family has been able to. If elected, I want to build on our community’s strong foundation and continue to make Coralville a warm and welcoming community for all who live here.