Fall Update

It's hard to believe that fall has finally arrived! Everyone in the Foster/Westergaard family is settling into a new routine. Things are always busy for a family of seven, and it's about to get even busier as we move into the final stretch of the campaign. 

I spent a lot of time this summer meeting with citizens and community leaders. I hosted a table at the Coralville Farmer's Market almost every Monday night and loved chatting with residents about our town. The Fourth of July parade was another highlight this summer. Our 4thFest celebration is a treasured community tradition. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that almost all of Coralville attends and/or participates in the parade. This year the parade celebrated the historic Coralville Drive-In, and there were many clever interpretations of the theme (my kids especially loved the homage to "Back to the Future!") Another big highlight/campaign milestone: I filed my petition at the auditor's office. I'm officially on the November ballot! 

As we move into the next stretch of the campaign, I'm going to need your help. Please consider donating to my campaign, volunteering, and hosting a yard sign. Together we can build on the successes of our community and move forward together! 



Campaign Update

Wow! Where has the time gone? It's been almost a month since I officially announced my campaign for the open seat on the Coralville City Council. Although the election isn't until November 7th (mark your calendars!) I've hit the ground running and have been busy listening and learning from my fellow citizens and other community leaders. 

Here are a few highlights of what I've been up to so far:

  • I held my official campaign kick-off event on May 11th at North Ridge Pavilion. I had a wonderful time hearing from folks about their ideas on how we can continue to make Coralville a great place to live, work and play. You can view photos from this event and view my remarks on my Facebook page. 
  • I attended the Coralville's Farmer's Market for the first time as a candidate. I chatted with folks about issues such as road improvements, education, and services offered by the city. I especially love hearing from people who have lived in Coralville for a long time. It's amazing how much our community has changed over the years! 
  • Our local leaders are very busy here and in Des Moines working on behalf of our community. At the Coralville Chamber of Commerce Roundtable, I heard from members of our delegation (Bob Dvorsky, Mary Mascher and Dave Jacoby) about their efforts in the recent Legislative session. I learned how hard they're working to protect the University of Iowa (and the impact it has on Coralville and surrounding communities). They also saved the Iowa Flood Center, a critical resource to Coralville and the state. We're very lucky to have them working on our behalf at the Statehouse. 
  • As a board member of the Coralville Community Food Pantry, one of the issues I'm most concerned with is food security in our community. I recently attended a Film Scene screening of a documentary called "A Place at the Table." This event was in partnership with The Crisis Center of Johnson County. We had a great discussion after the film about food security, affordable housing, and the high cost of living in Johnson County. While there is much work to be done, we are fortunate to have smart, caring leaders in our community who are committed to solving these issues.
  • Affordable housing is another issue I'll be discussing during my campaign. I recently attended a presentation hosted by the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition about TIF and how it impacts this issue. 
  • School's out for summer! This time of year is so bittersweet for me. My kids always have amazing teachers, and it's so hard to say goodbye at the end of the year. Special thanks to all the teachers and staff at all of our district's schools who work hard every day for our kids! 
  • Our family attended the Summer Reading Program Kick-Off at the Coralville Library last night. This is a perfect school-year send off, and a great way to keep busy learning all summer long. We always love seeing our friends and neighbors at this fun event. (If you couldn't make it last night, no worries! You can still sign up online or in-person through July 31st.) 

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to remember one of the great leaders of our community, Mayor Jim Fausett. Mayor Fausett was always a fixture at community events, and it's hard to imagine Coralville without him. But we don't have to look far to see his service and guidance at work in all of the things we love about our town. You couldn't ask for a better role model for a life well lived. He will be missed. 

In the coming weeks I'll be scheduling some listening posts and meet-and-greet events. Be sure to check back here for more information on what I'm working on during the campaign! 





Meghann for Coralville Campaign Announcement

Meghann Foster, college educator, small business owner, and mother of five, will run for an open seat on the Coralville City Council. Foster will make the formal announcement at an event on Wednesday, May 10th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at Coralville's North Ridge Pavilion, at 2250 Holiday Rd.

Foster is an active parent at her kids' three schools — Coralville Central, Northwest Junior High, and West High — and a contributor to the Iowa City Moms Blog. For the past 16 years, she and her husband Nick Westergaard have made their home in Coralville and know firsthand how great the community is for families. In that time, she's seen it grow exponentially.

Foster is an instructor at the University of Iowa, teaching courses in strategic communication and social media marketing. As a co-owner and digital strategist with Brand Driven Digital, she works with many area businesses and nonprofits to help them tell their stories online. She is also a current member of the city's planning and zoning committee.

"There's a lot to be excited about in Coralville, but there's also more we can do, especially in the areas of social service offerings and affordable housing," said Foster, who serves on the board of directors of the Coralville Food Pantry and advises the Johnson County Affordable Homes Coalition. "I want to make sure that as our community grows, all of our citizens can enjoy the amenities Coralville has to offer. I'm excited to add my voice to the Coralville City Council and build on our community's strong foundation."

Foster has led and volunteered on several local political campaigns and social movements. To learn more about the event and Foster's candidacy, visit her Facebook page and her campaign website, meghannforcoralville.com.


I'm very excited to announce my candidacy for the open seat on the Coralville City Council! I've lived in this community for sixteen years with my husband Nick Westergaard and our five children (ages 16, 15, 11, 9 and 4). 

I look forward to outlining my plans for our community with you here. I'll also use this space to share information about special events, news, and other important updates.

Thank you for your support! I look forward to getting out and hearing from each and every one of you.